Watch my beard grow!

every day i will post the progress of my beard's growth. it's more exciting than watching paint dry.

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Happy Cinco de Mustache!!

"The Last Supper"

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News Flash: Beards are Sexxy

March 23, 2006
Paul Bunyan, Modern-Day Sex Symbol
LAST December John Martin sat in on a focus group for a trend-forecasting company at which young professionals were asked about their grooming habits. Mr. Martin found he had nothing useful to contribute. His shaving regimen involves the use of a razor about as frequently as the seasons change.

"Everyone else was chiming in about the products they use," said Mr. Martin, the advertising director for Vice, a lad magazine based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. "I was totally mystified. I blanked."

Mr. Martin's idea of a style symbol, seriously, is Ulysses S. Grant, whose beard he came to admire after watching the 2003 Civil War-era drama "Cold Mountain." Two years ago, when he began experimenting with different beard styles, which he described as ranging from neat to burly to unkempt, his facial hair was an expression of individuality in a tide of metrosexual conformity. Now 10 of his 15 co-workers at Vice wear full, bushy beards. In that, they vie with the pro-facial-hair contingent of an editorial rival, Spin, where a rash of new beards has broken out.

"It's a sign of the times," Mr. Martin said. "People are into beards right now." At hipster hangouts and within fashion circles, the bearded revolution that began with raffishly trimmed whiskers a year or more ago has evolved into full-fledged Benjamin Harrisons. At New York Fashion Week last month at least a half-dozen designers turned up with furry faces.

No survey ever conducted about women's attitudes toward beards, even those not underwritten by the Gillette Company, has indicated that more than 2 or 3 percent of women would describe a full beard as sexy. ("I hang out with those girls who are in that 2 or 3 percent," Mr. Martin, of Vice, said.)

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the beard is rejecting it's host. i have a strong urge to shave it all off tonight.
but i know i must persevere.

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aight. i dunno what's up with this Blogspot site - but it hasn't let me post new pictures for days now. i'm getting frustrated. It would be very sad if this was the death of TheGrowingBeard. So just to let you all know - that's what's going on. I'm still taking pictures and have been trying to update the page, but the site is just not working with me.

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